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Boomscore removes the frustration, cost, time and confusion associated with deciding where and when to buy or sell real estate for exceptional returns.

Boomscore is the smartest way to find and monitor the hottest investment locations in Australia so you can get on with enjoying life on your terms while your property portfolio pays for the good times ahead.
It's free. It's easy. It's smart. It works.

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why you need Boomscore

According to the ATO, the vast majority of property investors incur a loss each year while getting very little capital growth in return for the impact on their family budget


60% of investors record an annual loss against rental income


71% Of investors only
own one property


only 1% of investors retire on rental income?

Do you want to build a self-funding property portfolio like the top one percent of property investors?

Have you ever wondered how the experts seem to buy properties that quickly fund their next property purchases from organic, market generated equity and capital growth - no lifting of paintbrushes or risky property development to create wealth?

Don't Worry. If you are thinking of investing in property, but can't be certain where to invest for better returns, then try Boomscore.
It does all the hard work and it been free for over 10 years.

It's simple, researching the property market for extraordinary capital gains potential is:

  • Very time consuming - who has time nowadays? Life gets bizzeeee people
  • Stupidly expensive - various reports, buyers agent fees...$1000's if done properly
  • Quickly out of date - research done today has a short life span before it's outdate 
  • Biased - Who do you know has genuinely scanned all 15,000 suburbs before recommending an investment? Nobody
  • Subject to emotion - everyone prefers to invest in their own backyard. Huge mistake. Follow the data folks. It doesn't lie.
Your Investment Property Magazine featuring Boomscore

Our data and research 'know-how' has featured in over 24 property media feature articles since 2011

One of our magazine's most popular data features.
"Boomscore provides a handy way to identify the countries hottest suburbs without spending countless hours searching, sorting and analysing vast amounts of property information."

Your Investment Property Magazine
  April 2012   

Key boomscore features to power up your research


Everyone has an opinion about where to buy property. The problem is most don't know why or they believe what they read.
Suburb Profiler tells you WHY a location will Boom (or not). It's powerful algorithm analyses the facts alone. It makes sense of huge amounts of publicly available property data so you can instantly decide, without emotion, whether a location deserves deeper and more time consuming research.

You will know WHY to invest or sell in a particular location.

how boomscore hotspot finder works


Hotspot Finder narrows down the very best of the best locations countrywide in only 4 clicks so you quickly know where to get the best returns for your budget in the near future. Simply ranks each suburb by its summary Boom Score and pick from the best.

Where will you invest next?


Set alerts and be the first to know of important changes to your suburbs key indicators

The holy grail - knowing changes in the most important indicators so that you buy at the bottom of the market cycle and sell closer to the peak.

Now you know WHEN to buy or sell to enhance your returns.

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