If you want to create financial freedom by

investing in property development,

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We help all types of investors to get high returns on their cash savings, lazy equity or self-managed Super funds by investing at developers’ cost price in some of the very best off-market property developments in high growth locations … all under the watchful eye of ASIC. Our investors invest based on fact (they don't listen to media hype) and they don't pray and hope for property prices to rise (they make their money upfront)!


If this is you, we can help!

I want to invest in property development for $ CASH returns

I want to grow my self-funding property investment portfolio

I want to manage my own small development projects

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Choose the right investment strategy to build wealth through property development

There are several property investment strategies you can employ to build your wealth through property development. These strategies depends on your goals and experience, and the time, money, expertise and industry contacts you have. Here's how we can help you succeed...


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Find, Assess and Monitor the top 1% of property investment locations countrywide

According to the ATO approximately 1.5 million property investors get stuck on just one property. 60% of these properties cost them money to own. Boomscore has changed this reality by helping you reliably target the best high growth areas, in any property cycle, so that the rents and capital growth make it easy to add more properties while you still have time and money to enjoy life.


For over ten years, thousands of investors like you have relied on Boomscore to pinpoint the best locations where prices are set to Boom. The team behind Boomscore has also been sourcing small scale residential development opportunities for our community investors to enable everyone to acquire property at developer's cost price and boost their cash returns significantly. 


Our data and Boomscore have been constantly refined and tested over the last 10 years which means it's proven and has stood the test of time. 

15,000 Suburbs

Boomscore makes it easy to compare and 30,000 micro markets made up of 15,000 suburbs split by units and houses. It's so easy to simply pick the best suburbs by their Boomscore and focus your research there.


Boomscore showcases how we find the best property development opportunities for our Boomscore community. We connect our clients with developers who want to share their profit. 

Ongoing R&D

Boomscore is a collaboration of data experts in Australia and Denmark. All are using AI and big data across numerous property sectors and feed into the accuracy and power behind this one magic score.

Beat the Experts

Our annual 'top suburb' lists have constantly beaten the 'expert' property market forecasters. Our 'six year old girl' case study proves how anyone can beat the market using Boomscore. Why not pick and monitor your own top suburbs today? 

One Single Number

Forget about property data 'analysis paralysis': a suburb's Boomscore is a single number representing how well a suburb stacks up on all the meaningful property market indicators. Too easy.