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Why is Boomscore Free?

Boomscore has been free since 2010. It is designed to showcase some of the research technology the Boomscore team (part of Hotspotcentral) use to find the ideal location for property development projects that we invest in alongside our Boomscore community. We don't sell real estate and provide Boomscore for free to those who do not want to rely on so-called property experts when deciding when and where to buy or sell real estate.

Is Boomscore accurate?

Boomscore derives is data from many leading public sources of data that are known to be of high quality. Our data scientists then enhance and clean the data before it is processes through the Boomscore algorithm. The case studies provided in our blogs and website attest to the veracity of our data and the reliabilty of the data. That said, we always encourage our user community to go back to the source and verify. We also encourage a mix of statistical research (the property data, the trends etc) and fundamental research (population growth, infrastructure spending, ideal project end buyer profiling and many other fundamental investment drivers that compliment the data.


How do I invest with Boomscore?

The team and Boomscore have been sourcing highly profitable development projects for over 10 years. Occassionally we invite our Boomscore community to invest along side us. It's best to keep an eye on your email to get earlier notification or register your interest. These offers sell out quickly and are always oversubscribed. So get it early.

Who can invest?

Anyone: a trust, SMSF, family, couples, wholesale and retail investors.

Why do investors choose Boomscore?

We have a variety of investors with very different needs. The feedback we receive is our communication is exceptional including regular investors updates, detailed consultations leading up to investing and, of course, our track record of strong returns regardless of the condition of the overall property market.