Boomscore as been free for over 10 years.
We want to help you become really good at understanding the dynamics of the property market.. then when you are ready... when you (hopefully) trust us, we will also invite you to join us in our own property investments so you can fast track your wealth in property.


  • Suburb Profiler - All DSR Stats
  • Market Alerts - Set Unlimited Alerts
  • Hotspot Finder - Monitor Unlimited Markets
  • 15,000 suburbs analysed for Houses
  • 15,000 suburbs analysed for Units
  • Filter by area on Google Map
  • Quick Filter by Budget and Property Type
  • Quick Filter by Top 50 locations
  • Quick Filter by No Go Zones locations
  • Quick Filter by Hot Spot locations
  • Quick Filter by Upswing location
  • Save to Favourites

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